Special Issue of the Journal South European Society and Politics

In 2016, Marina Costa Lobo and António Costa Pinto organized a Special Issue for South European Society and Politics on the Meaning of Portuguese Democratization, 40 years on.

Youth and politics in Portugal

The OQD project has focuses on the Youth in Portugal and their political attitudes and behaviour.

Citizen’s Consultation – Evaluation of the first year of the XXI Government

To mark the first anniversary of the XXIst government, Prime Minister António Costa answered questions from citizens who participated in a study conducted by the Institute of Social Sciences, [...]

Book in Preparation “The 40th Anniversary of the Portuguese Constitution”

(Scientific Organization, Marina Costa Lobo), published by the Assembly of the Republic.

Book “The Quality of Democracy in Portugal: The Citizens’ Point of View”

What do the Portuguese people expect from democracy? How do they evaluate its multiple dimensions? This book answers these questions.

How do the Portuguese view the Revolution of 1974, forty years on?

OQD project seeks to understand how the past influences political attitudes and behavior in Portugal: does the memory of democratization impact the way citizens view politics today?